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International Economics Letters (ISSN 1805-7306) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The journal is intended to provide a publication medium for original research in economics for scholars working with topics covered by all sub-entries of field “F” (International Economics) of JEL Classification, although papers from other fields are also considered for publication. From 2017, the journal is published in one issue per year. International Economics Letters an open access journal, meaning that papers will be permanently open to access online immediately upon publication, enabling anyone to read, download and share.

International Economics Letters aims to stimulate dialogue between scientists in social science, policy makers as well as other decision makers involved with economic development. In order to make the journal relevant to a wide audience of academics trained in the social sciences the articles should be presented in a form where explanations and the intuition behind the conclusions should be given priority above technical derivations.

We appy double blind peer-review process to each received manuscript. Each submission is refereed by at least two anonymous referees. The names of the authors will not be known to the referees.

Papers may be theoretical, empirical or political economy in their emphasis. Papers with policy relevance or which combine economic theory with empirical findings are particularly welcome. Our journal also welcomes case studies and papers that constitute dissemination of EU-funded projects.

International Economics Letters is indexed in ERIH PLUS, C.E.E.O.L. (Central and Eastern European Online Library), Google Scholar, EconBiz, and eLibrary (RINC). International Economic Letters is published two times per year.  

1 issue per year

Volume 7, 2018
The functional illiteracy in the knowledge society: a case of Romania

Adriana Sturzoiu and Mariana Bălan

Published online: 03 April 2018, doi: 10.24984/iel.2018.7.1



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ISSN 1805-7306

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From 2017, International Economics Letters is published in one issue per year. 

There will be an "issue in progress" with the papers that have been reviewed and accepted for publication sent for indexation to the respective databases right after publication.